Imagination is Our Trade

Creativity ~ Curiosity ~ Collectibility

The Brethren of the Dark Coast


You are cordially invited ~

to join with us in friendship, dedicated to the preservation of the beings and creatures of the dark coasts, to all  gothic pyrates, to the ships they sail, to protecting their paths and their beliefs and to celebrating the light we find in the darkness.

Kindly contact us at for an application to join us!


Membership in the Brethren is complimentary ~

Membership in the Brethren of the Dark Coast is free! Once we've received your application, you will receive our membership  kit: BDC grog tag, a copy of your page from the Codex,  unique Mardi Gras-style beads with a pendant attached featuring our official skull, a packet of trade beads for your hat, jacket, etc. ~ each year at the winter holidays you will receive our annual holiday card and a new bead or tiny treasure to add to your collection. We expect you to alert us of changes of location, or if you wish to close your account.


The Codex of the Brethren of the Dark Coast

We have come together in the spirit of fellowship and loyalty to abide by the Articles of Agreement ~
I ~ That we shall conduct ourselves with honour

II ~That we shall obey civil law

III ~ That we shall not steal, nor attempt to steal the treasure, the arms or good name of our Brethren

IV That we shall respect the people and the creatures of the Dark Coast, to protect their lore, lives and right to exist

V ~ That we shall not quarrel nor fight among ourselves, not shall be threaten another Brethren

VI That we shall not discriminate on the basis of sex, race or beliefs for all are equally welcome to this Fellowship

VII ~ That we have agreed to support one another, to revel in our joys, to share our sorrows and to celebrate the Pyrate in each of us.