Bounty and Treasure ~ a taste ...

New Cargo


Our newest acquisitions, many are one-of-a-kind ~ check back often as inventory changes with the tides ~

Special Offerings will be showcased!

Prestige Offerings


The rare and the most choice items in our coffers ~ for the discerning customer and … the curious!

Exclusive! BookEnds


BookEnds ~ You've heard about these unique, individualistic celebrations of theatre, film, media, captured (literally)  in handsome book-shaped boxes. All are one-of-a-kind, many are enhanced with lights! 

Media & Memorabilia


Collectibles and memories collide happily in treasures from theatre, film, music, books and tv! Rare stills and autographed photos, all manner of cultural ephemera

Dark Coast Botanicals


Our Signature Soaps ~ delicious gentle scents, high quality organic ingredients, charming ready-to-gift packaging … always a big seller!

Brethren Teas, Cocoa & Coffee


Our Brethren Pyratical Teas are joined by two NEW beverages: RoCoco Gypsy Cocoa and  Sea Gypsy Coffee! Debuting this Autumn ~

And other Treasures as well ...

Sea Majick & CyphreVoudou


We offer discretion and solace.  Ritual offerings, handmade poppets, seasonal soft-sculpture goddesses, pyrate tarot, Cargo Cults, Day of the Dead items, Owen 's Grove herbals & more

The Pyrate Life


Look 'round and you'll find it! We currently have pyrate statuary,  CyphreVoudou & Brethren map bags, books, talismans, jewelry, film-related collectibles, costumes & long coats, as well as our air-bred Squids!

Original Art & Prints


Something new from the crewe: we present original paintings, drawings, sculpture  in addition to art prints.  Vintage art, hand-painted china, and Theo's OOAK painted fans are also offered.  Commissions considered.

The Romantics


For ladies and gents ~   OOAK  journals, vintage jewelry,   collectible men's ties, velvets,  antique lacework, candles, tea sets, antiques, Phantom of the Opera books and collectibles.



Well, there's a vintage silver Christmas tree and colour wheel, neat old holiday ornaments, dolls and toys (plus NEW Tonner  dolls), WWII collectibles,  silver service pieces, vintage linens and a lot more stuff

Salvage Warehouse

Newly re-discovered merchandise that we're offering at bargain prices.  Treasure awaits!

Newly re-discovered treasure offered at reduced prices. Find YOUR treasure!

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